Our clients
We work with a wide range of events and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to each one's unique circumstances and needs.

Leicester Comedy Festival
We have worked with the team at 180 Box Office for a number of years and frankly love working with them! They have made the entire ticketing process so straightforward for Leicester Comedy Festival, a multi-venue and promoter festival which now regularly has over 900 shows across 19 days.

It’s a bit like having our own box office team, but one which has many years’ experience and expertise at working with promoters and customers alike.

Geoff Rowe - Founding Director (Leicester Comedy Festival)

The Fringe is the second-largest ticketed event in the world and it's powered by the team behind 180 Box Office.  The Fringe box office is one of the largest in the UK during the festival and thanks to the 180 Box Office team I don't have to worry about it day to day and can focus on making sure our remarkable event can take place.

Lyndsey Jackson – Deputy Chief Executive (Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society)

Unique Events Ltd.
Ticketing made simple – no matter how “unique” our event is, these guys always make the ticketing and entry system straightforward and easy to use, for both us and our customers!

Unique Events has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with the 180 Box Office team, and we have complete trust in them to deliver. Offering a one-to-one service, the box office management team are always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and it is a pleasure to work with them to find ticketing solutions and event entry systems for often bespoke or one-off high-profile projects. With a complete understanding of our work and ethos, they have helped us to ensure our festivals and events are safe and enjoyable for the audience while safeguarding our reputation and minimising our risk.

Penny Dougherty, Company Manager, Unique Events Ltd (Illuminight, Burns & Beyond, Sleep in the Park)
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